Status of forest fires in Quebec: several regions have been affected. Some places remain inaccessible. There is a ban on driving in the forest and lighting open fires in effect. For more information, see
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Hear the call of lacrosse—the Creator’s game!

This fast-paced team sport is very impressive and deeply rooted in Indigenous traditions. Across the entire continent, lacrosse has long played a central role in the community and in the spiritual life of many Nations. Due to its deep spiritual significance, lacrosse victories brought glory and honour to the village of the winning team. Played before the arrival of the first European settlers, lacrosse remains a great and meaningful contri-bution of Indigenous culture to modern Canadian society. To live the experience of this ancestral sport, we invite you to attend Ahki’Wahcha team games.

Activity locations

Wendake - Québec

Season of activity

Spring / Summer / Fall