Waswanipi means "Light on the Water"

We are located at the junction of the Waswanipi, Opawica, and Chibougamau rivers, the old trade and transportation routes for the Waswanipi Eenouch. Waswanipi means “light on the water,” and refers to traditional fishing methods using a torch. Waswanipi is open year-round. It’s a pleasure for us to receive guests who come to our village to enjoy authentic activities and cuisine. During the summer, we have the annual gathering of our people, Chiiwetau, which means “let’s go home!” It is a time to learn and to pass on traditional knowledge. We have workshops, such as paddle making, preparation of animal hides, cooking, and other Cree teachings. Chiiwetau is open to everyone!

  • Craft shop

  • Restaurant

  • Traditional meal

Activity locations

Wawanipi - Eeyou Istchee Baie-James

Season of activity

4 seasons


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