Traditionnal camping in Nutashkuan

Camping Nutshimit first opened in the summer of 2021, with the goal of offering an Indigenous campground in Nutashkuan, our region and community. We also wanted to share our culture and natural lifestyle. We offer fully equipped authentic Indigenous tents (running water, electricity, refrigerator, cooking equipment, etc.), as well as four onsite showers and toilets. Come experience an excursion on the Natashquan River, attend conferences in the shaputuan, featuring tales and legends passed down from our elders, and enjoy traditional smoked salmon and lobster. Camping Nutshimit is here for you and hopes to teach the younger generation that they can go far in life. The future belongs to us, the young!

  • Camping

  • Flora observation

  • Wildlife observation

Activity locations

Nutashkuan - Côte Nord

Season of activity

Spring / Summer / Fall


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