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Québec City, the province’s namesake, was built on the Huron-Wendat town of Stadacona, located along the riverbanks below Cap Diamant. Naturally and historically wealthy, the fortified city reveals a heritage that’s one of a kind in North America. In close proximity to its center, you’ll find Canada’s one and only officially recognized Huron- Wendat people.

Established more than 400 years ago, the village was located on the ancestral lands of the Huron-Wendat Nation so people referred to it as Village-des-Hurons for quite a long time, a testament to the vitality of this great people. Wendake boasts all kinds of cultural and heritage attractions that contribute to the flourishing local economy, which is also home to Native businesses with global reach. Wendake proudly bears the colours of the Huron- Wendat Nation, and more broadly all Indigenous cultures, through a whole slew of sites, events, and local points of interest for tourists.

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