Christian Laveau

Wendat from Wendake, Christian Laveau is the original lead singer in Cirque du Soleil’s show TOTEM, written and directed by Robert Lepage. His performance earlier in KIUGWE gained him the notice of Lepage, whospoke to him about a role in TOTEM. He has also appeared in CANOTGRAPHIE, another show directed by Lepage. Christian won a GÉMAUX award in 2008 for his work as host of CHIC CHOC, a cultural program for youths airing on APTN.

Christian received the Medal of Honour ‘’DIAMOND JUBILEE of QUEEN ELIZABETH II’’ to mark his entire career and his international reputation. His album SONDAKWA under the musical direction of Gilles Sioui is now available in stores and on iTunes. A brand new show ‘’ANCÊTRES’’ is planned for 2024.

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Wendake - Québec

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4 seasons


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