In the 16th century, the Mi’kmaq met the first Europeans on the coast of the Gaspé Peninsula. Help from these fishers and navigators proved crucial for explorers and merchants. The Mi’kmaq share their history and strong identity through various locations and activities, such as salmon fishing. Music is at heart of Mi’kmaq rituals, feasts, and cultural ceremonies.

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Living in harmony with the nature that surrounds it, the Mi’gmaq community of Gespeg has permanently settled in Gaspé Bay since the 16th century. In Mi’gmaq, Gespeg means the land’s end.


Recognized since 1850, the Gesgapegiag community is established on the shore of Chaleurs Bay, at the mouth of the Cascapedia River. Its name means large river in Mi’gmaq. English is the language most widely spoken in the community.


The Listuguj community owes its name to one of the traditional forms of writing of the Mi’gmaq language that is still in use in Gaspésie. The community’s main natural resource is salmon, which is both a sacred creature and traditional sustenance. The main language in use is Mi’gmaq.