Sismo’qonapu (sap)

Since time immemorial, the Mi'gmaq have harvested sap from maple trees and turned it into syrup. This sap, or sismo’qonapu, is entirely harvested, produced, and processed on the Gespe'gewa'gi, ancestral territory of the Mi'gmaq of Gespeg. The Mi'kmaq Nation of Gespeg contributes to the gourmet offer available to its members and to the population of Gaspé. Sigewigus refers to the season of spring in the Mi'gmaq language: this period is synonymous with renewal and celebration. The spring moon represents the beginning of the annual cycle of the Mi'gmaq way of life. You will find, in our products, all the richness of the Mi’gmaq culture. Stay tuned for our upcoming tourism offers and other processed products!

  • Traditional meal

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