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The Hôtel-Musée Premières Nations is a 79-room and suite boutique hotel steeped in First Nations history and culture. Entirely First Nations-owned, it combines modern comforts with indigenous traditions. The hotel is also home to the Huron-Wendat Museum, where you can explore the permanent exhibition “Territoires, Mémoires, Savoirs” to discover the rich Huron-Wendat culture. Temporary exhibitions and the traditional Ekionkiestha longhouse complete this cultural immersion. Gastronomy also takes center stage at the La Traite restaurant, run by Michelin-starred chef Marc de Passorio, whose innovative cuisine showcases local products from hunting, fishing and gathering. The Hôtel-Musée Premières Nations offers an authentic, refined and immersive getaway to the heart of indigenous culture. Whether you’re interested in history, gastronomy or simply looking for a unique experience, this exceptional establishment will captivate you and provide you with an unforgettable stay.
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