A must for the holidays in Quebec City, not to be missed!

The Rendez-vous des Artisans et Artistes de Wendake (RVAAW) is a great success every year thanks to its participation in the organization of the Christmas Market. This event allows exhibitors to present their art and culture through performances: dance, songs, drum, etc. Once onsite, it is also possible to watch craftsmen at work: basket weaving, snowshoes, pottery, beading, etc. The event aims to promote the artisans and artists from different Nations and a cultural understanding of Indigenous peoples. Our mission is to promote local cultural art and to build bridges between Indigenous and non-Indigenous communities. A must-see holiday destination—there’s something for everyone!

  • Craft shop

Activity locations

Wendake - Québec

Season of activity

November 26 to 28, 2021


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