Within L’Alliance des familles du Nitassinan, Famille Bellefleur offers you a unique experience to fully appreciate responsible tourism in Côte-Nord. Respect for traditions and the authenticity of our approach are at the heart of our project. We offer you an introduction to native life through ancestral activities, such as lodging in a traditional tent, matutishan (sweat lodge), and fishing and tasting of seafood (lobster, scallops, sea urchins), as well as nature interpretations with a native guide and, in winter, snowmobiling and dogsledding. Famille Bellefleur invites you to discover how nature has always been part of our culture. Opening planned for June 2022.

  • Traditional meal

  • Tent accommodation

  • Flora observation

  • Wildlife observation

  • Snowmobile

  • Fishing

  • Dog sledding

  • Interpretation with guide


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