Status of forest fires in Quebec: several regions have been affected. Some places remain inaccessible. There is a ban on driving in the forest and lighting open fires in effect. For more information, see
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Indigenous travel agency !

Located in the Unamen Shipu community, Innu Voyages is tasked with overseeing community transportation (health, education, work), but also, and most importantly, with welcoming visitors to the Lower North Shore thanks to multiple available touristic packages in collaboration with Tourism Winipeukut Nature. Innu Voyages is a Quebec-licensed travel agency. In addition, Innu Voyages is the Indigenous agency par excellence, in charge of serving all of Quebec’s First Nations communities and planning members’ international travels. Our three travel agents are always happy to provide you with more information and are available Monday to Saturday via online chat, email, or phone.

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Unamen Shipu, Côte-Nord

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4 seasons


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