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Live the oral tradition

Head out to Natashquan-Nutashkuan to attend the enthralling Innucadie Stories and Legends Festival, taking place August 6-9, 2020. A festival of tales, songs, and music awaits you against a backdrop of beaches, waters perfect for swimming, rivers, and taiga. Innucadie is a gem along the St. Lawrence camping in Innu tents or tipis on a traditional site River. Innucadie boasts a unique heritage thanks to a confluence of Innu and Acadian cultural influences. Entwined with Innu culture are the works of Gilles Vigneault, a legendary Acadian poet. Innucadie has the lively artistic creativity of the Innu, for whom oral traditions are vital for knowledge-sharing and transmission. Oral traditions are an art that is rich with experiential, aesthetic, symbolic, and metaphysical aspects of Indigenous life.

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Activity locations

Natashquan - Côte-Nord

Season of activity

August 6th-9th 2020


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