Kabir Kouba Inspiration is committed to revealing the culinary richness of the terroir through inventive, accessible and easy-to-use products. Our assortment, designed with passion in our Wendake workshop, features infused culinary oils, boreal spices, herbal teas and syrups, all made from authentic, local ingredients. Whether exploring bold flavors with our "Blueberry and Labrador Tea" oil, or adding a touch of nature with " Pine Pepper", each Kabir Kouba Inspiration creation invites you on a new and memorable gustatory journey. Innovation, respect for tradition and a commitment to quality are at the heart of our approach. We aim to make every dish, enhanced by our products, a celebration of deep, authentic flavors. Join us in this culinary adventure and let Kabir Kouba Inspiration transform your kitchen into a space of creativity and discovery.

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