Proudly Indigenous

MINI TIPI creates, manufactures and distributes high-quality, authentic Indigenous products that tell a story. Rooted in Gatineau, Quebec, our brand is more than just a business: it demonstrates our commitment to cultural richness and the Indigenous community. Our creations, from blankets to bags to ponchos, tell stories, create conversations and bring culture home.

At MINI TIPI, we believe in the authentic and respectful representation of Indigenous culture. Every piece we create is imbued with this essence, celebrating Canada's cultural and artistic diversity. By choosing MINI TIPI, our customers not only acquire products of exceptional quality, but also help support Indigenous communities.

Our commitment to Indigenous artists shines through in a number of collaborations. Through our royalty program, we ensure fair compensation for their valuable contributions to our creations, perpetuating their heritage and exceptional talent. What's more, our actions strengthen our bond with the community and the environment, while guaranteeing unrivalled quality to our customers.

MINI TIPI is actively involved in reconciliation for the next seven generations.

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