Nikani ! Minwashin

Minwashin is a non-profit Anicinabe cultural organization dedicated to supporting, developing and celebrating the arts, language and culture at the heart of the traditional territory, Anicinabe AKI. Minwashin is a prime venue for valuing, revitalizing and disseminating Anicinabe language, arts and culture. We believe in creativity and in the reappropriation of culture and language… Nikani! Minwashin, in Anicinabe language, stands for something that is beautiful or inspiring. We chose this name because we believe that investing in the development and promotion of Anicinabe culture and language will generate beauty within Nations and individuals, and that the relationships that bind them will be imbued with it in a sustainable way. Known in the territory for its brilliant projects that drive the movement, our organization bears its name with great pride.

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