Made on the Abenaki territory of Odanak

Discover Indigenous Culinary Authenticity at Café Masko, a cultural gem nestled in the heart of Odanak, where history, tradition and W8banaki gastronomy meet. We are proud to present a unique culinary experience that celebrates the rich flavors and ancient traditions of the W8banaki people.

Sagamité Watso - A Fusion of Traditional Flavors Let yourself be enchanted by our exclusive blend of Sagamité Watso, an iconic traditional soup that embodies the richness of W8banaki cuisine. Lovingly prepared from nine varieties of beans, Hominy corn, spices and vegetables, each spoonful takes you on a taste journey to the heart of our traditions.

Masko Cafe - A Cultural Stopover Our café is much more than a place for tasting. It is a space dedicated to discovering indigenous flavors and exploring the rich culture of the first peoples. In addition to our Sagamité Watso, you can enjoy a range of W8banaki culinary specialties, each telling a unique and delicious story.

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