A 100% Abenaki tourist experience for all to enjoy

W8banaki and the MRC des Sources invite visitors to Parc régional du Mont-Ham to enjoy a unique thematic experience in the heart of Ndakina, the ancestral Abenaki territory. At the summit of the mountain, 713 metres above sea level, you'll discover the Awdowinno statue, from which you can admire the immensity of the Ndakina. At the foot of the mountain, the Waban-Aki sector offers typical aboriginal accommodation and a discovery trail on Abenaki culture, as well as the Espace Abénakis, an interpretation center filled with works and artefacts dating back hundreds of years.

  • Flora observation

  • Hiking

  • Wildlife observation

Activity locations

Ham-Sud - Centre-du-Québec

Season of activity

4 seasons


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